New site theme

I have decided to change to a different theme. Although the old theme was awesome, it had two problems – it was fixed width, which means it didn’t scale well across different resolutions and the central column was way too narrow.

I’m still poking around for different themes (in hopes of finding an even better one), but for now, this one will do.

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Relicensed to the 2-clause BSD license

Okay, third post today. Sorry.

I like minimalistic licenses, and to that point I’ve considered relicensing SIEGE to the even simpler 2-clause BSD license (as opposed to the 3-clause license, which is usually called the “BSD license”) – it is the same variation of the BSD license as that which is employed by FreeBSD.

I’ve talked to Th3On3 (him being the only active developer of SIEGE, not considering non-code artwork) have agreed that SIEGE is to be relicensed to the 2-clause BSD license, as opposed to the 3-clause license used so far (you can find more about that on Wikipedia). This makes the license even shorter and thus more simple.

I have also relicensed it to the so-called “SIEGE Development Team” as opposed to myself. I think the licensing to yours truly dates back to the times when Th3On3 was not on board the project yet, and thus I was the only developer – hence the holder.

Furthermore, I have added a license notice to most of the SIEGE source files – took me a while, but it had to be done eventually, and since I was at it, why the hell not. Here’s the link to the commit:

Here is the online copy of the license: linky.

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Migration to Git complete

Well, migration to Git is pretty much complete now. I have (after a rather large discussion about SourceForge and different alternatives to it) opted to use Gitorious for the project – it is similar to GitHub, except that the stack behind it is completely non-proprietary.

I’ll admit, there have been hiccups here and there, mostly due to Git not importing svn branches (or tags, for that matter) properly. I have gotten around those and the repository seems to be happy with its current state – I know I am.

So, from now on, you’ll be able to find SIEGE on Git at Gitorious. I’ll be leaving the SVN repository up for a while as there are errands to do – I have to zip together tags and upload them somewhere, for one.

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Build process streamlined

Yes, I realize this post is right after the previous, but I’ve decided to put different things separately this time.

I have finally streamlined the SIEGE build process, meaning that the whole thing can now be built with one single invocation of the cmake/make combo (as opposed to two + copy). This opens a door for CPack, and I have already played with it, creating CPack-generated source distributions – sadly, binary distributions don’t work yet (CPack creates empty archives), but it’s a start…

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Migration to Git + new bugtracker

I’ve recently had a rather bad experience with merging different branches in Subversion, which made me finally decide to migrate SIEGE to Git.

I’ve been hearing nice things about it, and myself had a privilege of trying it out. Git was originally designed and developed by Linus Torvalds (the same guy responsible for the Linux kernel) for development of the kernel – so if it was made by him and if it’s good enough for kernel devel, it ought to be good enough for SIEGE, right?

Of course, as with anything, there is a catch – SourceForge does not support the use of Trac’s source browser and whatnot with Git, which means that Trac has lost a bit more of its usefulness for me – I’ve only used it for bugtracking and source browsing, and this leaves only bugtracking.

That is the reason why I’m trying out a new bugtracker, namely MantisBT (**UPDATE 2010/10/01: **I’ve decided to switch to WordPress Quality Control) – you can find it at, although I do have to tinker with the settings a bit, still. I have been considering using Trac as the wiki, however, as I haven’t been too happy with MediaWiki – maybe I’ll end up using Trac in the end anyways if I can persuade my webhost that it would be a neat thing to be able to use this… Either them or staff. Hmm…

Well, as far as the migration to Git goes, I don’t know when will it happen (I have to find out if I can persuade my host first, and so on), but it will in the near future. I may leave Subversion up for some time after that, but I don’t know for how long.

… that said, using Github is not completely out of the question …

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More documentation, CPython bindings and more

I’ve been “porting” the documentation from D to C. It’s been hard work, but here are some of the results:

They are a bit messy at the moment, but work is continuing in improving this. I’ve also been battling Wiki spam though, which is why I’ve added the CAPTCHA – it should filter out at least some of the spam. The HTML documentation was created with Doxygen, but I’ve been playing with breathe – a tool which takes Doxygen’s XML as input and outputs something usable with Sphinx, a very nice documentation generator (Python docs use it).

One tutorial was “ported” earlier, but I should note it anyways: The Configuring tutorial.

I’ve also been working on CPython bindings – for those that do not know, CPython is the official, and most popular Python implementation – if you’re using Python, you’re probably using CPython. I haven’t been able to get the deinit working correctly yet, and it’s a possibility that I may have to embed Python in a thin wrapper just so that I can use it properly with SIEGE.

Furthermore, I’ve been thinking of binding SIEGE to a whole variety of languages, including (but not limited to) Ruby, Pike, AngelScript, etc… Even Scheme (because TinyScheme is easy to bind). I’m looking for a good language to bind SIEGE to, so if anyone has any idea, do tell – just don’t say Lua, I really don’t like it.

I have created the beginning of what will become C++ and D bindings.

Oh, one more thing – I’m still (and constantly) looking for devs willing to help with SIEGE (especially someone to maintain the C++ bindings!) – if you’re up to it, do drop me a mail.

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