SIEGE logos finally in Git

To finish today’s triple-posting:

I’ve put the SIEGE logos (and their WiP – now obsolete – drafts) into Git; they are available in the misc/artwork/logos directory, in SVG form. I’ll add the PNG logos into a separate page on this website.

The other (cube) logo is still pending…

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Non-monolithic SIEGE

A new SIEGE build type is around – namely, non-monolithic SIEGE.

Don’t worry, the “monolithic” build is not going anywhere, it’s still staying around; on the other hand, the non-monolithic build will enable you to only link to (and bundle/use) one component of SIEGE, plus its dependencies, instead of the whole thing.

So, if you only need SIEGE’s audio, you’ll only need to link to SIEGE Audio and module loading (and possibly util).

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A* example in Git

For those waiting, the A* example is finally in Git – it took me a while to do it because I’ve been pretty busy (sorry!).

It’s available in Git in src/examples/astar.c. Furthermore, it is built by default during the SIEGE build process (that is, unless it’s manually disabled) and builds into the “bin/Example-AStar” binary.

The example is rather crude at the moment because I didn’t have much time to make it, well, better. Maybe I’ll make a minigame out of it?

UPDATE 2011/03/31: A memory leak and crash at exit at have been found in the A* example (due to errors in the navgrid implementation itself) and corrected – thanks bernardh for bringing the problem to my attention!

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