New logo plus site color scheme change

If you asked this website “did you do something to your hair?” you might not be far from truth, because as you may have noticed, the color scheme of the website has changed. The most obvious change is the title bar, but almost all the colors have been changed; for example, text got a hint of orange into it – not much, just a hint.

Furthermore, SIEGE now finally has a logo! You can see it on the top-left, that “libSIEGE” thing with an “SG” below it – there are two more variants of the logo, however, for a total of three (plus one coming, so that’s four).

The first variant is the color version — the one you can see on top:

Next up is the first grayscale variant, meant to be displayed on a white background:

…and one meant to be displayed on a black background (note: it may look ugly here because it is a transparent PNG, and the webpage background is not black!):

The logo that will follow will be one with an image of a cube with “lib” and “SG” somewhere on it.

All the variants will be put (in SVG form) into the Git repository… Why SVG? It’s easily scalable without data loss and it can (in some cases – such as this) be described with a set of polygons (which can be easily rendered).

Special thanks for all these logos go to Landon Tuff aka Toxshox (clickety for his blog) who has offered to make the logos – and he (obviously) delivered. It took me ages to find someone to make a logo for SIEGE – I did find some people before, but they’d all bail out, sometimes before even starting work on anything… Therefore, again – thanks!

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