Further development

It’s been too long since I’ve last updated this website.

However, believe it or not, me and Th3on3 have been busy developing SIEGE.

The wiki was finally put to use with some tutorials, in addition of which we now have Trac for bugtracking and source viewing (Trac’s wiki will not be used), in addition to generated documentation from the code.

Yes, I know I’ve promised SIEGE to go Alpha, but that promise has been delayed because I wanted to do bindings to a scripting language first. It seems that the bindings will have to wait…

There is an experimental port of SIEGE to C going on – if it is successful, this will replace much of the current D frontend. Instead, it will pave the way for multiple frontends – D, C++ and Python, for example.

Perhaps I should wait to see how CSiege goes before calling this one alpha, since CSiege is a big rewrite. Luckily, it doesn’t all have to happen in one go.

The SIEGE modules are now fully migrated to CMake (SIEGE itself not, because of problems with CMakeD, a CMake module for D) and SDL is now the primary backend for windowing and input — this is because GLFW refuses to cooperate in Linux.

Also, I’ve been looking for a good replacement for OpenAL. It would seem that OAL does not want to cooperate properly with ALSA (instead chooses to only work with OSS) on some PC’s. It’s also been giving me some trouble in Windows, not only Linux.

If anyone has any suggestions for other cross-platform audio APIs, I’m listening — just note that I’ve already looked at SDL_sound, SDL_mixer and FMOD.

Furthermore, I am still looking for developers. Right now, I’d need someone to build & test things in 32-bit Linux, someone to do the same for MacOS and then someone for whatever OS they’d like to see SIEGE work in.

If you want to contact us, the contact link is to the left; sometimes we can be found in #gamecraft on Freenode. A Java web client is available: irc.libsiege.org. Furthermore, there is a mailing list available, you’ll find its link at the bottom of any of the tutorials in the wiki; I’d prefer not to write it here for anti-spam reasons.

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