SIEGE almost ready for alpha

It’s been a long time with seemingly no development — but believe me when I say that we’ve been working hard.

SIEGE, which is the working title of the engine behind GameCraft is almost ready for alpha stage.

SIEGE went through two completely different designs, and now it is an event-based layer with an interchangeable backend. Right now, only OpenGL backend is available, but more are planned.

Once they are done, the same frontend will run OpenGL, Direct3D, SDL, Mesa, even PSP (Playstation Portable)!

What’s left are (very) minor changes to parts of the API, to clean it up and make it easier to use.

A demo will follow soon, but first, the bindings to Monster Script must be done.

Also, three(!) developers have expressed interest in helping code SIEGE and perhaps later GameCraft – two programmers and one artist.

The programmers have to learn D first, but they have agreed to help, and the artist is working on a logo.

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