New things

We’re still alive, and we do bring news. Good news.

Well, the website has been down, because of some problems with the domain registrar…
We’ve hoped that the issue would get resolved, but it never did.
It’s still on the same server, only under a different (sub)domain – (but, since you’re here, I assume that you already know that).

On other news, the bytecode interpreter is almost done… All that’s missing is functions (easy), some more work with the arrays and external calling of the functions.
The tricky part is the compiler, and we hope to get that done until June.

What are we going to use for the backend of GameCraft?
Well, this is what we plan to use, but it’s not written in stone:

  • Graphics: GLFW (window functions, events, etc) + OpenGL + FreeImage (for image loading)
  • Sound: OpenAL or fmod
  • Physics: Chipmunk Game Dynamics

Yes, we know that 1st of April is a bad date for news, because everyone assumes that the webmaster is just making fun of them…
Just to make it clear, this is not an April fool.

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